Property Renovations

  • Capital Improvement Administration
    We manage all aspects of a capital improvement projects including:
    • Definition of scope of work and delivery method
    • Review of design, project specifications and construction methods
    • Coordination of consultants and related team members
    • Development of Request For Proposals (RFP’s)
    • Administration of bid process
    • Negotiation and award of construction contracts
    • Verification of required bonds and insurances
    • Administration of work performance and contract adherence
    • Administration of invoice approvals and related payments
    • Coordination of warranty and workermanship follow-up
    • Administration of Contractor/Vendor/Homeowner coordination and communications, if necessary

  • Fire/Property Damage Remediation
    We manage all aspects of emergency response to, repair of and insurance claim administration resulting from the occurrence of fire or other property damage events including:
    • Notification of emergency response services
    • Protection of property
    • Notification of insurance carrier and engagement of claims adjustor, if deemed appropriate
    • Notification of all affected parties including President of Board of Directors
    • Development of scope of repair/replacement
    • Implementation of standard Capital Improvement Administrative practices